Populist MP Warns Native Swedes Headed Toward Minority Status in Parliamentary Speech


Sweden Democrats MP Richard Jomshof has warned that without any change in policy, native Swedes will become a minority in their own country.

“Sweden is ours. There are six and a quarter million living Swedes, but it is also the land of the dead. Those who built it up for us from the beginning left us their works to manage and improve,” Mr Jomshof told the parliament, according to Nyheter Idag.

“The result of the mass immigration and multiculturalism of recent decades is very clear. Sweden, once a safe and homogeneous country, is today increasingly characterised by division, segregation, exclusion, insecurity,” he said.

“The imported crimes of drug dealing and shootings, with stone-throwing and fires, with sexual abuse and gang rape, is tearing down Sweden,” he added.

Jomshof warned that Swedes run the real risk of becoming minorities in their own country, admonishing the establishment politicians responsible.

“[W]e can also see how the other parties made it possible for anti-democratic, violent, and [misogynist] Islamism to grow strong even in our part of the world. The failure is monumental,” he declared.

During the speech, he also hit out at the Swedish cultural and media establishment, claiming they had downplayed and diminished the history of Sweden.

“We should remember that there is only one place on earth where Swedes have the right to govern themselves. There is only one place on earth where the Swedes have acquired the right to a country through this endeavour — and this country is Sweden,” he said.

The speech comes after the Sweden Democrats saw record gains in the Swedish parliament in the national elections last month and won so many seats in some municipal areas that they did not have enough candidates to fill them.

While Swedes are not yet approaching minority status in the country as a whole, several municipalities such as Södertälje are already migrant-majority.

In total, around five percent of the Swedish population lives in migrant-majority areas and recent figures have shown mass migration to be the sole driver of Swedish population growth.

Migration-background women also have a higher birthrate on average — compared to native Swedes who have a below replacement birthrate of less than 1.78.

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