Controversy as Italian School Textbooks Revealed to Promote Only Pro-Mass Migration Views

Italy's new populist government has taken a hardline stance on immigration and ordered the coastguard to let Libyan authorities take charge of rescue operations

Media investigations have found Italian school textbooks have a totally pro-mass migration slant, which has been deemed “migratory propaganda.”

The migration crisis has been a focal part of Italian politics and has led to a surge in popularity for the populist League party which fiercely opposes open borders.

An investigation by Italian media shows that while voters are largely rejecting mass migration, Italian middle and high school pupils are only being taught about it from a positive point of view, with Il Giornale referring to the curricula as “migratory propaganda”.

The textbook The Eye of History: An Integrated Course in History and Geography is one such pro-mass migration book that contains various exercises for high school students including one that states: “Today, schools must favour the integration of the children of immigrants and therefore the creation of a multi-ethnic and multicultural society.”

The text also argues that mass migration of working age migrants into Italy is needed to keep the Italian pension system afloat, and refers positively to the barbarian invasions and mass migration into the Western Roman Empire as a benefit saying: “This migratory phenomenon has contributed to the construction of that Roman-Barbarian world that is at the foundation of our Europe, that same Europe that today feels frightened and threatened from the arrival of masses of migrants and refugees.”

The books for middle schools are largely the same, according to another report, which tells students that Italian society must head into a “multi-ethnic, multicultural society and multireligious” future while those who disagree are labelled advocates of a “racist, xenophobic and intolerant culture.”

The books follow other politically correct moves in Italy, including a recently released guide for journalists which encouraged them not to use terms like “illegal immigrant.” The guide also called on journalists to “stigmatise” those with anti-mass migration views, including politicians.

Despite the attempts to demonise anti-mass migration viewpoints, populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini still remains the most popular politician in the country with an approval rating of nearly 50 per cent.

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