Bataclan Victims Get 85 Million Euros Compensation as ISIS Leaders Involved in Attack All Eliminated

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Over 2,500 victims of the 2015 Bataclan massacre have now been granted access to a compensation fund of 85 million euros as new reports reveal that all the senior Islamic State figures who sponsored the attack have now been killed.

Three years after the Bataclan terror attack that led to the deaths of 130 people, victims are now gaining access to the Guarantee Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offences (FGTI), Le Monde reports.

“On the 1st of November 2018, 2625 victims of  November 13, 2015, were the subject of a charge for compensation taken by the FGTI,” the agency said but added, “the number of claims continues to evolve.”

The 85 million euro sum comes largely from a 5.90 euro fee on the 90 million property insurance contracts across the country including housing and car insurance.

The Islamic State figures who sponsored the brutal massacre are now all dead according to a new report which states that intelligence agencies from the United States and France, with cooperation from Russia and even China, located the Islamic State figures and coordinated American drone strikes on them.

Following the Bataclan attack, it is claimed that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) even approached the French intelligence service and asked them directly if there were specific Islamic State figures they wanted to see targeted.

The last of the fighters to be eliminated was Belgian Oussama Atar who was killed in November 2017. The only surviving attacker from the Bataclan massacre, Salah Abdeslam, is also Belgian and managed to hide out in the heavily-migrant populated suburb of Molenbeek for months after the attack until he was eventually caught by police.

Shortly after his arrest, another attack occurred in Brussels which was later confirmed to have been rushed due to the arrest of Abdeslam. According to captured Islamic State jihadist Jonathan Geffroy, the original target of the terror cell was a French nuclear power plant.

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