Captured Islamic State Fighter Reveals Buried Kalashnikovs, Plot To Attack French Nuclear Power Plant

This general view shows the chimmneys of the nuclear power plant at Cattenom in eastern Fr

Captured Islamic State jihadist Jonathan Geffroy has made even more startling revelations, claiming terrorists buried multiple Kalashnikov rifles around the city of Toulouse, France and plotted to attack a nuclear power plant.

Geffroy was captured in 2017 and handed over to French authorities in September by the Turkish government, and for several months was interrogated by the French intelligence service, the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI).

While in Syria, Geffroy claims to have become close with the Clain brothers, the most senior French-born Islamic State members in the organisation, and said that they had ordered Islamists in France to bury Kalashnikov rifles around the city of Toulouse, L’Express reports.

“I do not have any more information about the localization, I tell myself that if they buried this Kalashnikov [in his declarations, he alternates the singular and the plural -Ed], it is that they had perhaps planned to do something,” he said.

Geffroy also shed light on the 2016 Brussels attacks, saying they were not planned and were a result of the arrest of Bataclan terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who this week said he felt no remorse for the 2015 massacre and tried to justify the attack.

According to Geffroy, one of the Clain brothers’ sons, named Othman, told him “that to prevent everyone being questioned, they targeted the airport directly.”

The real target for the terror cell, Geffroy alleges, was a French nuclear power plant, saying that Islamic radicals had planned to go there and let off car bombs.

The Clain brothers, who Geffroy said were plotting to send child soldiers to carry out attacks in Europe disguised as refugees, were “aware of everything, they are close to scientists, media and officials”.

He added that both rarely left their home and when they did they each wore full-face Islamic veils, fearing U.S. drone strikes.

Geffroy claims to have only taken part in front-line battles twice, in Aleppo and Ramadi, but says he did not fire a shot during them and wants to return to a “normal life” in France. He is currently awaiting trial for criminal conspiracy.

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