WATCH: Merkel Looks on as Brit PM Locked in Car Ahead of Crunch Talks

Merkel May 2
Getty Images

Television cameras set up ready for British Prime Minister Theresa May to be greeted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel caught a bizarre moment Tuesday afternoon as the British leader became trapped in her car.

Driven to meet the German Chancellor in Berlin in a German-plated armoured Mercedes limousine, the British Prime Minister found herself unable to get out of the car as its rear passenger doors remained stubbornly locked.

An usher holding an umbrella waiting to bring the Prime Minister onto the red carpet and a security officer riding in the front of the car had a moment of confusion while the German chancellor looked on in silence.

Perhaps inevitably, some media watchers have likened the British leader being locked inside a device of German design to Theresa May’s Brexit agreement.

Both leaders laughed off the strange incident before going together to continue talks on the forthcoming departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. EU leaders have steadfastly refused to allow any further changes to Theresa May’s Brexit deal but pressure from the House of Commons has forced the PM to go back for changes anyway.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said the deal, which was due to be voted on today until the Prime Minister deferred the vote to stave off a certain defeat, would be put before the house again in modified form before late January. The claim suggests the Prime Minister hopes, at least outwardly, that change will indeed be forthcoming from the European Union.


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