Parliament Remainers Working to Cancel 29th March 2019 Brexit Date

Keir Starmer, Brexit spokesman for the main opposition Labour Party.

Members of Parliament opposed to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union are using the pretext of Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiations with the European Union going badly to suspend the legal date for the nation’s withdrawal from the political power bloc.

While political scandal and poor progress on discussions between the UK and EU have ebbed and flowed over 2018, one fact has remained a certain constant — the March 29th, 2019, date established by an act of Parliament that would see the laws and treaties that implement Britain’s membership of the EU repealed.

This means since Parliament signed the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 in June the actual date the country would leave the EU, deal or no deal, has been certain. But now even that is under threat as a cabal of hard-remain politicians work to nullify that date, The Observer reports.

“Senior Tory and Labour MPs are planning to force the government to delay Brexit by several months to avoid a no-deal outcome if Theresa May fails to get her deal through parliament in January”, claims the weekend sister-paper to The Guardian, which reports the work to delay the official Brexit date has been underway for several weeks.

The paper reported an unnamed “senior” Conservative who said of the plot: “I have had these discussions with ministers. They will not say so in public but of course the option of a delay has to be looked at in detail now.

“If we are determined to avoid a no deal, and the prime minister’s deal fails, we will have to ask to stop the clock, and that will give time for us to decide to go whatever way we decide thereafter.”

Using the loaded term “cliff-edge Brexit” to describe properly leaving the European Union, the paper reported Remainer MPs believed they had a majority in Parliament to suspend the legal Brexit date.

Senior Labour Brexit figure Sir Keir Starmer said delaying Brexit day would give enough time for a second referendum — a pet project for Remainers who would see the Brexit vote overturned at near any cost — and that “at this stage nothing should be ruled out”.

Former prime minister and Iraq war architect Tony Blair is one of those who holds the British people in contempt, and has recently said: “Up to the very end I am going to do everything I can to stop [Brexit]”. The globalist is a keen supporter of a second referendum, presumably for that purpose.

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