Activists Accused Of Helping Calais Migrants Block Traffic

OUISTREHAM, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 12: Migrants try to board a truck at Ouistreham ferry port in the hope of reaching the UK on September 12, 2018 in Ouistreham, France. After the clamp down at Calais many young migrants are seeking out new routes to the United Kingdom as stowaways on …
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Residents of the French port city of Calais have claimed that pro-migrant activists have given migrants equipment to cut down trees to block traffic in order to sneak on to lorries headed for the UK.

The port city still sees around three thousand migrants attempt to stow themselves away lorries or ships per month, around 100 per day, despite the closure of the formerly infamous Calais Jungle migrant camp, Le Figaro reports.

One tactic that has been used by migrants over and over again has been to cut down local trees and drag them onto the motorways in order to force large lorries to stop while migrants sneak in the trailers in hopes of reaching the UK.

The tactic has also led to accidents including the death of a man in June of 2017. Nine Eritrean migrants were arrested shortly after fatal accident, accused of littering the road with tree trunks.

A local shopkeeper named Sophie has said that migrants continue to use the tactic saying, “They sometimes continue to block the highway with burnt branches to stop the trucks and try to slip in.”

She went on to blame pro-migrant activists saying, “What annoys me the most is that they are provided with the equipment to cut the trees!”

Open borders activists in Calais have also been accused of sexually exploiting migrants in the past before the demolition of the Jungle camp by French authorities.

The sub-prefect of Calais Michel Tournaire also claimed that migrants already in Britain were aiding family members and others to come into the UK from Calais saying, “Behind this migratory phenomenon, there is always a windfall effect for the traffickers of human beings. The heads of the Pakistani, Iraqi or Iranian communities in Britain are very active in bringing their brothers or cousins.”

“If the migrants persist, despite all the efforts made here to dissuade them from coming, it is because many are able to cross the Channel and this is hopeful for those who are waiting on the continent,” Tournaire added.

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