German Politician Fears Farage Leading ‘Anti-Elite Parties’ in EU Elections

(R) Manfred Weber, top candidate of the European People's Party (EPP) for 2019 European Pa
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Manfred Weber has said he does not want Britain to stay in the EU long enough to take part in the bloc’s elections because he fears the disruption caused by Nigel Farage and British Eurosceptics.

“A possible participation of Great Britain in the EU elections can lead to a big success for the anti-elite parties in Great Britain. So that is my worry,” said Mr Weber, the leader of the notionally centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), the European Parliament’s largest grouping of establishment parties.

“When Nigel Farage is back with a lot of MEPs in the EU parliament, that will create big problems for all of us,” he complained.

The German politician made the comments to Reuters after the EU granted a short Brexit delay on condition of Prime Minister Theresa May passing her Withdrawal Agreement, with the potential for a future longer delay pulling the country, and her Eurosceptic MEPs, into the May 23rd t0 26th European Parliament elections.

“I cannot explain to anyone in Europe… that a country which is leaving the EU has a big say in the future of the European Union. That is not understandable for people,” Mr Weber added.

Breitbart London reported last week that Brussels bureaucrats are plotting to block Britain’s participation in the EU elections if the European Council agrees to extend Article 50 for a long period in, fears that the number of Eurosceptics would add to the surge of populist MEPs predicted in May’s elections — a possibility so-called progressives fear would destabilise plans to further federalise the bloc.

Nigel Farage announced on Friday morning that he would be leading the new Brexit Party, and would be prepared to stand in European Parliament elections if Brexit is betrayed.

“Our trust has been betrayed by politicians and if we fight those elections, it’s a chance to say what we think,” the MEP said.

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