‘Fight Back’: Brexiteers Vow to Sabotage Brussels if Pulled into EU Elections

(L)Conservative Party MP and chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage will declare war on the globalists’ beloved European Project if Brexit is delayed to the point where the UK is pulled into European Parliament elections in May.

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to European Council President Donald Tusk requesting a further extension of Article 50 to June 30th, admitting that the UK would have to take part in European Parliament elections next month — nearly three years after the country voted to leave the bloc.

In response, chairman of the eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG) Jacob Rees-Mogg MP threatened, “If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible.

“We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU army and block Mr Macron’s integrationist schemes.”

Likewise, leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage told Sky News, “I’ll be leading the Brexit party into the European elections as it looks certain that will happen.

“Am I happy about it? No I’m not… I thought we won the Brexit battle. But I’m not going to, after 25 years of endeavour, watch British politicians roll us over. No.

“This is the fight back and they’re going to be very surprised by what they get.”

Asked what he thought about the declaration of Mr Rees-Mogg — who has appeared several times on stage with Mr Farage at Leave Means Leave events — replied, “I’ve been trying to do that [be obstructive] for 25 years in the European Parliament. I’ve done my best, but it’s very hard to stop them.

“We can do all of those things Jacob asks for, but only with a very different prime minister.”

Last month Farage warned the European Parliament that unless they want him and other eurosceptic British MEPs to return to their chambers, European leaders must reject any applications from Prime Minister May to delay Brexit.

Leader of the establishment European People’s Party group Manfred Weber is said to be concerned at the possibility of the UK taking part in European Parliament elections in May, saying that the prospect of “a big success for the anti-elite parties in Great Britain” was a “worry,” adding that the idea of “Nigel Farage [coming] back with a lot of MEPs in the EU parliament… will create big problems for all of us.”

Brussels progressives are already concerned with the prospect of nationalist-patriotic parties from the EU27 making major gains in next month’s elections, fearing that “anti-European” forces could align to dismantle the globalist European Project.


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