No Change UK: Pro-EU CUK Party Will Back May to Stop General Election


Heidi Allen, interim leader of the globalist Change UK party (CUK), has said her MPs would not support a vote of no confidence in Theresa May which could trigger a fresh general election.

“It becomes very dramatic and exciting, ‘Oh, a general election’, said the MP for South Cambridgeshire, a former Tory who joined a breakaway faction of Labour Blairites led by EU loyalist Chuka Umunna, when asked if Change UK would support changing the Government.

“But actually it is absolutely the last thing this country needs right now,” she insisted.

“What on earth would the main parties stand on? The Labour party and the Tory party are in absolute meltdown, they are like tectonic plates beneath the surface, absolutely shifted… What we need to do is continue fighting as we are to demand better for our country.

“A general election is not the solution… the crisis on our doorstep is Brexit and we will only solve that with a People’s Vote,” she claimed — “People’s Vote” being the preferred term of EU loyalists for a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, to overturn the people’s vote to leave it.

Some cynics have suggested that Allen and her “centrist” cohorts are not keen on the idea of a fresh election because CUK — which also goes by The Independent Group (TIG) and the Remain Alliance — is polling extremely poorly, and that constituency-level “people’s votes” on whether they should remain the local MP minus their former Tory and Labour party tickets would likely result in them being kicked out of Parliament.

This supposition was put directly to Allen by Channel 4 News, a publicly-owned network widely regarded as having a strong left-liberal bias, in an interview, with anchor Paul McNamara asking the Remainer, “Isn’t the truth that you don’t want a general election because all of you lot would lose your seats?”

“That’s not the case at all,” she insisted. “A general election, given that both major parties — what manifesto would they stand on?” she asked.

What bearing this would have on the CUK manifesto, or the ability of CUK MPs to win their constituents’ support on a CUK ticket, was left unclear.

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