Syrian Migrant Injures Four German Police Officers in Rampage

Michele Tantussi/Getty Images

A 22-year-old Syrian asylum seeker was arrested in the German city of Augsburg for injuring four police officers after they attempted to identify him in a routine check.

The Syrian was initially stopped by German Federal Police just outside the main train station in Augsburg in what started as an initial routine identification stop, but quickly escalated out of control when the man began attacking the officers, who had confronted him after the found he was wanted for 450 euros’ worth of property damage, Presse Augsburg reports.

Initially, only two officers were attacked but as the migrant continued with his assault another two officers joined their colleagues to subdue him. The officers suffered injuries to their faces, arms, legs, and torsos but none were injured to the extent that they required hospitalisation, and continued their duties after the arrest took place.

The attack is not the first by a migrant on police officers in Germany. Last year, an incident caught on video revealed a group of around 20 migrants attacking officers in Göttingen in Lower Saxony after they attempted to relocate a 20-year-old Liberian asylum seeker.

Earlier in the year, a Nigerian migrant attempted to use an officer’s firearm against them after being arrested, but was wrestled to the ground before being able to fire the weapon.

Violent attacks on emergency services workers have lately become more frequent in the German capital in general, according to a new report, which stated that in 2018 alone there were 240 violent attacks. The most recent attack saw a group of 20 individuals gang up on paramedics and surround their ambulance while throwing beer bottles at them outside of a nightclub.

Germany has not been the only country where migrants have attacked police and other emergency services. Just last week in Italy, a man from Senegal wounded two officers, causing one of them severe head trauma, after attacking them with an iron bar while yelling “Allah hu Akbar”.

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