Delingpole: Trump Supporter Attacked with Milkshake in London’s Parliament Square

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 04: A crowd of protesters during a demonstration on Whitehall during the second day of U.S. President Donald Trump's State Visit on June 4, 2019 in London, England. President Trump's three-day state visit began with lunch with the Queen, followed by a State Banquet at Buckingham …
Peter Summers/Getty

Here is a Donald Trump supporter being attacked with a milkshake, jostled, and shrieked at by an angry leftist mob perpetrating violence with impunity outside London’s Houses of Parliament.

It’s a vignette that illustrates perfectly the state of modern Britain.

The masked, hooded man — since when were disguises necessary for ‘peaceful’ protests? — standing right next to a policewoman.

The policewoman, clearly petrified and out of her depth, apparently quite incapable of responding appropriately to a physical assault — a milkshake attack on an innocent stranger — right in front of her.

A fat, ugly woman with a hideous haircut, shrieking ‘Nazi scum’ — oblivious to the irony that if anyone is acting like a Nazi in this scenario it is certainly not the white-haired gentleman.

The banners representing the ugly coalition of the radical left — Extinction Rebellion eco-loons; EU-worshipping Remainers; Trade Unions; Socialists.

Yesterday on Sky News, presenter Kay Burley asked me what were the main obstacles to a successful Donald Trump visit.

I said the biggest concern was the threat of violence from the rent-a-mob crowd of protesters using Trump as their latest excuse for their usual orgy of hate.

This outrageous suggestion was laughed off by the left-leaning American comedian standing next to me. He insisted that these protests were always peaceful, family events.

Yeah, right…


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