Swedish Authorities Sound Alarm Over Rise in Extremists, Recommend Deportations


The Swedish security service Sapo has sounded the alarm over the rise of extremists saying that the number of known extremists in some circles has risen from hundreds to thousands in a short period of time.

Sapo have recommended and applied for the deportation of several individuals connected to the radicalisation process including several Muslim radicals who were recently detained, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

Fredrik Hallström, a senior figure in Sapo, commented on the increase in extremists saying, “We have found that in the last few years all three extremist environments have increased. Along with the [anarchist] autonomous environment and the white power environment, the violence-promoting Islamist environment has seen growth partly due to global forces that the Security Police and other authorities in Sweden have difficulty influencing.”

Hallström also commented on the recent arrests of several Muslim leaders saying, “This is a relatively small number of individuals, a core that has conducted activities over a certain period. We then submitted an application to the Migration Board that they should be expelled.”

In the past several years it has been clear to observers that the number of radical extremists, particularly radical Islamic extremists, has vastly increased compared to the era before the creation of the Islamic State terror group and the migrant crisis of 2015.

In February of last year, researcher Peder Hyllengren of the Swedish Defence College claimed that Sweden had become an international hub for Islamic extremist groups and said political correctness was partially to blame for the increase in extremists.

“You risk being identified as racist in a way that you did not see in other European countries. There, this question was as uncontroversial as the importance of combating Nazism and right-wing extremism. But in Sweden, it took a long time before we could discuss jihadism in the same way that we discussed Nazism for a long time,” Hyllengren said.

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