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Mother of Moroccan London Attacker Says Son Radicalised in Britain

LONDON (AP) — The Italian mother of one of the London Bridge attackers said Wednesday her 22-year-old son became radicalized in Britain, falling under the spell of Islamic extremism and confiding to her that he had dreams of moving to Syria.

Youssef Zaghba

French Army Investigating 50 Cases Of Radicalisation Among Its Ranks

The French army is currently investigating 50 cases of “radicalisation” in its ranks. A new report from the Directorate for Protection of Security and Defence (DPSD) says the threat of Islamic terrorism within the army is growing. The report stated


Belgian Scheme Tries To Nip Islamic Radicalisation In The Bud

In the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek, politician Sarah Turine is on the frontline of her own war to stop the sons of Belgian families going off to Syria to join Islamic State fighters. The first step is often to


Just ONE Part-Time Police Worker Monitors Internet Radicalisation By Jihadis In Belgium

The central anti-terrorism unit of Belgium’s police force has just one part-time worker monitoring internet radicalisation and the online activity of returning jihadis, according to police services watchdog, the Standing Police Monitoring Committee (Committee P). The fact the Belgian police unit charged with monitoring internet

internet radicalisation

Socialists’ Eton Now Counts Jihadis Among Its Alumni

Five former pupils of a north London school dubbed the “socialists’ Eton” have died fighting as jihadis in Iraq and Syria. Holland Park School, founded in 1958 gained a reputation as the left-wing Eton thanks to luminaries of the socialist movement,

Holland Park High School

Elite French Troops Defect to Join ISIS

French government officials have confirmed to the media that up to ten of its former soldiers “have defected to the Islamic State. Among those defectors is at least one member of an elite fighting unit with advanced training.