Exclusive: Farage Vows to ‘Replace the British Conservative Party’ If Boris Betrays Brexit

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has vowed his Brexit Party will “replace the British Conservative Party” if Boris Johnson betrays Brexit.

Speaking to Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on his SiriusXM Patriot radio show, Mr Farage traced much of Britain’s current problems to the fact that many Brexit campaigners took Theresa May — a Remain voter — at her word when she took over from David Cameron and promised the Leave vote would be respected, even if it meant leaving the European Union without a bilateral agreement, or “deal”.

As it turned out, Mrs May broke her promise — issued at least 108 times from the Prime Minister’s despatch box in the House of Commons — to take Britain out of the bloc on March 29th 2019, and has delayed Brexit twice, because she could not get a “deal” denounced as a “surrender document” through Parliament and would not, after all, countenance leaving the bloc without one.

Farage warned that the Brexit Party will not make the same mistake if Johnson becomes Prime Minister, as is expected, and will remain active to ensure Brexit voters have someone to turn to if the Tory MP betrays them.

“We know we can’t trust the Conservatives, because they’re not really conservative… we will not be going home, we will not be going away — but there are circumstances in which some form of electoral pact, some form of accommodation, could be possible,” he suggested.

“[Boris] can get the job done, if he’s brave,” Farage stressed, “but he will have to face down some very senior opposition in his own party; he’ll have to take on a House of Commons that is fundamentally Remain; and he will have to do something radical, such as call on a general election on this issue… and probably in those circumstances he would have to find some accommodation with the Brexit Party.”

The MEP added that, in his view, “it’s actually impossible for Johnson to win if the Brexit Party’s fighting against him,” signalling his hope that the threat he poses to the Tory will force him to honour his commitments.

“What it will come down to, is how much courage does Boris have? He’s a huge respecter and admirer [of] Winston Churchill — and Churchill had his faults, but Churchill was brave,” he concluded.
“Churchill took decisions, and Churchill followed them through to the end. Boris wants to be Churchill — well, do you know what? He’s going to get his chance.”

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