‘No Disposable Cups’: Aide Snatches Paper Cup of Tea From Hands of PM Boris Johnson

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 01: Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives for the third day of the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central on October 1, 2019 in Manchester, England. Despite Parliament voting against a government motion to award a recess, Conservative Party Conference still goes ahead. Parliament will continue with …
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MANCHESTER, England (AP) – British Prime Minster Boris Johnson is learning that while Brexit is contentious there’s more than one kind of hot potato.

The U.K. leader was walking swiftly between meetings at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester when roving cameras captured images of an aide handing him what appeared to be a hot beverage in a disposable cup.

No sooner had Johnson accepted the drink with gratitude than another aide snatched it from his hand.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Johnson says as the cup is lifted from his grasp.

Turning to the man who handed Johnson the cup, the female aide warns: “No disposable cups.”

Britain’s government has pledged to slash the amount of waste the country produces, mindful of the damage to the world’s oceans.


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