Exclusive — Farage: ‘Boris is Going to Win, And The World Will be Our Oyster if we Get a Clean Break Brexit’

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has told Breitbart London he now believes that Boris Johnson will win the snap election next month, but pressure needs to be brought upon the Prime Minister to make sure Britain gets the clean break Brexit it needs, free from European Union rules in perpetuity.

Mr Farage made the remarks during a trip to the commercial fishing wharves in Plymouth harbour, just one of many British towns and cities whose fishing fleets have been near-destroyed by intrusive European Union rules. Enjoying a warm welcome from the crews who foresee a renaissance of the fishing industry in Britain after it leaves the European Union, Mr Farage said that while the Brexit cause had gone through some bad years under Theresa May, things were improving.

He told Breitbart London: “If you go back to February this year, Brexit seems all but dead. Stuck in the weeds, going nowhere. A second referendum was coming down the tracks… parliament desperately close to voting for it. And what happened? I formed the Brexit Party, it stormed to success in the European elections, completely rewrote the whole Brexit debate in this country — got rid of Theresa May, stopped a second referendum dead in its tracks, and gave us a Prime Minister who I don’t wholly trust, but who is at least now saying the right things.”

On what will come next, Mr Farage predicted Mr Johnson would now win the forthcoming general election — thanks in no small part to Farage’s Brexit Party taking the “big decision” to not stand against the Conservatives in seats they already hold in an effort to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street by not splitting the vote — but the kind of Brexit to come was less certain.

He continued: “Brexit will now happen, but the question is do we get the right Brexit? But my role now is not to get Brexit, because it’s going to happen and Boris is going to win. My role in this is to use whatever influence or muscle I’ve got to make sure it’s a clean Brexit. And if we get that, the world’s our oyster.”

Mr Farage said Boris Johnson had previously said the United Kingdom would not be aligned with the European Union and on that, he warned: “Boris, you’d better keep your promise.” Responding to comments made Sunday by French trade minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne that if the UK agreed to “fair play” — in other words, agree to continue accepting EU laws to prevent the UK becoming a competitor in the North Sea — the EU would be willing to cut a trade deal, Farage said Brexit should not mean continued political allignment:

“We must not be aligned to European Union rules, otherwise frankly, what’s the point of leaving?”


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