Khan Backs Free Academy for Black Women as Scholarships for Poor White Boys Rejected

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Mayor London Sadiq Khan has thrown his weight behind a free “Black Girl Fest Academy” programme, in association with Apple, just as it emerges that elite schools are rejecting privately-funded scholarships for poor white boys.

The Black Girl Fest Academy “aims to equip Black women with knowledge around budgeting, fundraising and promoting an event with limited resources, as well as creative design and pitching ideas with confidence”, according to its website, and “will run alongside monthly networking events” — key to making contacts for many people without an existing foothold in the creative sector through family or friends.

It is not entirely clear whether the “support” offered by the Mayor of London, which appears to have been offered in an official rather than a personal capacity, will involve the use of public funding or resources. Breitbart London has contacted the Mayor’s press office and Black Girl Fest for details.

Mayor Khan’s public endorsement of the racially-targetted scheme has proven controversial, as it comes just as news has emerges that two elite private schools, Dulwich College and Winchester College, have rejected funding to provide scholarships for poor white boys.

Poor white boys who currently have the worst life outcomes of any demographic in Britain, due in no small part to the fact that they have not been eligible for any of the so-called “positive action” schemes providing paid internships, free workshops, etc. afforded to other groups.

With millionaire rapper Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., stage name “Stormzy”, having been able to fund scholarships for black youths without controversy — indeed, with much praise from mainstream commentators — many members of the public were already irritating with the seeming double standard, and were not shy about expressing their displeasure with the London mayor and his “Black Girl Fest Academy” on social media.

“Can you share the dates of the soon to be organised white girl fest and white boy fest? I am sure you are working feverishly away organising these events as we speak!” asked one sarcastically.

“More racism as Khan offers academy places to only Black Girls… the same week [we are] told that it’s unlawful to offer Uni places to White Boys… what a facking mess this country is in. It’s tied itself in racism and stupidity,” added another.

“So you’re banned from attending if you have the wrong skin colour. That’s the very definition of racism,” observed a third.

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