Migrants Accused of ‘Slow and Painful’ Killing of 350 Sheep on English Farms

Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

Three Romanian migrants are in court accused of killing some 350 sheep on farms across Northamptonshire in England’s East Midlands in 2019.

23-year-old Robert Iordan, 38-year-old Voirel Manu, and 35-year-old Florin Nutu are said to have inflicted a “slow and painful death” on the animals, who they allegedly killed and butchered for their meat on location in the farmers’ fields, according to a Northampton Chronicle & Echo court report.

Bizarrely, the migrants are only facing charges of conspiracy to steal, with the sheep being regarded as property for the purposes of the case.

“The conspiracy involved the slaughter of about 350 sheep, all that have been slaughtered inhumanely,” claimed the prosecutor.

“Vehicles and weapons have been taken to the location on local farmers’ fields, the sheep are captured and a knife is taken to their throats and they suffer a slow and painful death,” he added.

“A pipe is then inserted in to the throat of the sheep which are blown up, they are skinned and their remains are left at the scene.”

The three men, who all live on Dunsink Road in Birmingham, are being held on remand until their trial, which has been set for March.

All deny guilt, and have pleaded accordingly.

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