Honour Crime: Swedish Muslim Migrant Sentenced for Beating Daughter with Kebab Spit

Nora Illi, the women's representative of an unofficial group called the Islamic Central Committee of Switzerland, wears a niqab as she attends a Sunday night talkshow on November 6, 2016 in Berlin. German public broadcaster ARD came under fire on November 7, 2016 for allowing Illi to wear a full-face …

A Swedish court has sentenced an Iraqi asylum seeker to eight years in prison for honour crimes after he beat his daughter with a kebab spit, locked up his wife, and forced his daughters to wear Islamic veils.

The father, who fled to Sweden from Iraq with his family in 2006 and was highly active at the local mosque in Hässleholm, was found guilty of abuse, serious abuse, illegal threats, and unlawful coercion from a period between January of 2015 and September 17th of 2019.

Investigators were made aware of the father’s behaviour in 2019 when two of the family’s seven children reported his actions to social services in Hässleholm, telling of serious abuse and death threats, including being labelled “whores” by the father if they refused to wear the Islamic veil.

The investigation was considered an honour crime with prosecutor Malin Paulsson stating that the father repeatedly told them not to bring shame to the family, SVT reports.

The mother also told investigators that her husband had kept her locked in the house for at least ten years and that she was only allowed to leave to take out the garbage.

The oldest daughter was also forced to pretend to be handicapped in order for the father to collect social assistance, with the father refusing to allow a doctor’s examination to prove the supposed disability.

Physical abuse from the father was also prevalent toward the daughters and their mother, with punches kicks and beatings with a kebab skewer taking place. One beating was so brutal that the wife suffered a miscarriage.

According to a 2017 report, an estimated 240,000 young people in Sweden live under the shadow of honour culture.

Honour-related violence has even led to murders in Sweden, including a 2015 case in which a man stabbed his wife 66 times and cut off her nose and upper lip.

In 2018, Dilek Baladiz, a manager at Onigo, a Swedish centre designed to help young people suffering under honour violence, claimed to have seen a huge rise in young people seeking help.

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