Delingpole: Most Conservative Activists Don’t Believe in Boris’s ‘Climate Emergency’

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 04: Prime minister Boris Johnson attends the launch of the UK-hosted COP26 UN Climate Summit, being held in partnership with Italy this autumn in Glasgow, at the Science Museum on February 4, 2020 in London, England. Johnson will reiterate the government's commitment to net zero by …
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Almost two-thirds of Conservative activists in Britain believe there is no ‘climate emergency.’

This is bad news for Boris Johnson whose government’s hugely expensive, disruptive and damaging Net Zero policy — costing the equivalent of one £100 billion HS2 project every year for the next 30 years — is based on the (demonstrably false) notion that there is a climate emergency.

According to a poll conducted by the website Conservative Home, 65 per cent believe there is no climate emergency while another 5 per cent don’t know. (The less said about the 30 per cent of slavering idiots who do believe there’s a climate emergency, the better).

What this suggests is that there is a massive disjunct between where the Conservative government is on green issues and where the party grassroots are.

Sure, this is nothing new: this was also the case with the David Cameron government and the Theresa May government, both of which were wildly to the left of where most party members were.

What’s different, though, is that a lot of us who voted for Boris expected — or at least hoped — that the Conservatives’ promised new Brexit pact with the British people would mark a change of direction: less remote, entrenched, left-liberal Deep State enriching its own cronies; more regard for what actual voters actually think.

Boris’s Net Zero is so radical and expensive and ideologically watermelon (which is to say green on the outside, red on the inside) that it might easily have been devised by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour or the even more insanely left-wing Green party.

But Boris Johnson’s administration is supposed to be Conservative. On climate change, it isn’t being remotely Conservative — and the party membership has started to notice.


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