Hungary Slams ‘Biased’ Freedom House Reports, Always Say Democracy In Decline When Conservatives In Power

Photo by Ignat Kushanrev on Unsplash

The Hungarian government has taken aim at the U.S. government-funded Freedom House organisation for claiming Hungary is no longer a “free country”, noting that its reports only say democracy is improving in the country when “Socialists and Liberals” hold office.

The Washington D.C.-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) claimed in its latest Nations In Transit report there had been “a stunning democratic breakdown” in countries in Central Europe such as Hungary and Poland — where, perhaps not coincidentally, traditional conservative governments opposed to globalism and mass migration are enjoying unprecedented electoral success.

“The report says that this year’s – wait for it – ‘decline has been the most precipitous ever tracked in Nations in Transit,'” observed Dr Zoltán Kovács, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations.

“And that’s really saying something because Hungary declines every year in Freedom House studies, except when the Socialists and Liberals were in power,” he added dryly.

Dr Kovács suggested that Freedom House’s consistently dim assessments of Hungary stem from the fact that it “relies year after year on a circle of so-called experts and contributors that come from the same left-liberal circles” to produce them — and highlighted the Twitter feed of a Freedom House research director replete with “re-tweets of Orbán critics and even a plug for an opposition politician.”

“We reached a turning point some time ago with these NGOs. These groups – their leadership, their financial backers, and the so-called experts who write these publications – no longer even attempt to maintain the appearance of objectivity. They no longer try to hide their bias,” he added, expressing his regret that an institution “founded by Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie” could no longer be taken seriously.

Last year, the Hungarian government’s response to Freedom House’s annual report was even more blunt, with the NGO being denounced as “a member of the Soros empire… funded by Soros, and… serving Soros’s election campaign.”

“Together with the other Soros organisations, it is attacking Hungary because the Hungarians have decided that we do not want them to also make an immigrant country out of our homeland,” they accused.

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