Soros Attacks Salvini, Says He Wants to Get Italy Out of the EU

Soros calls China's Xi 'most dangerous' foe of free societies

Hungarian-American plutocrat George Soros attacked populist Italian senator Matteo Salvini, claiming the League (Lega) leader wants to get Italy out of the European Union and the euro currency.

The left-liberal billionaire launched his attack on the former Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior because he was worried about Italy leaving the European Union as Britain has done, saying: “I am particularly worried about Italy. Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, is working to get the country out of the euro and the EU.”

While claiming that Salvini has lost some support since his time as Interior Minister, Soros was wary of the fact that “support for his positions is gaining momentum. What would Europe be without Italy? Italy was the most pro-European country. The Italians had more confidence in Europe than in their own governments, for excellent reasons, but they were mistreated during the refugee emergency of 2015.”

He went on to add that during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic Italy has also been badly treated, saying EU aid rules have favoured countries like Germany rather than countries like Italy which were hardest hit by the virus, Il Giornale reports.

While support for Salvini’s League has diminished slightly in the last several months, polls still consistently show the party to be the most popular in the country.

A Euromedia Research survey published on Friday showed the League with 24.9 per cent of the vote and the centre-right coalition Salvini is a member with 47.6 per cent, ahead of the current leftist government coalition with 41.5 per cent.

Anti-EU sentiment has risen dramatically in Italy over the last several months of the Wuhan virus crisis due to the lack of solidarity between EU member-states.

A survey published in late April revealed that as many as 40 per cent of Italians want to leave the EU and the euro currency.

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