Coronavirus: UK Police Bust Hot Tub Party

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Police in the UK broke up a hot tub party because it contravened social distancing rules. The party-goers said they were celebrating not having coronavirus.

Nottinghamshire Police were called to a residence in Retford in the early hours of Sunday morning to reports of a hot tub party, which was being attended by around 15 people. Current national rules prohibit gatherings of more than six.

Authorities did not fine the party-goers, according to local media NottinghamshireLive. The BBC said that the hot tub bathers claimed to be celebrating having negative coronavirus test results.

The choice of manner of celebration was interesting, given that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had warned against the UK indulging in “sneak culture”, telling citizens last month they should refrain from snitching on neighbours they suspect of breaking coronavirus laws — unless they are having wild student parties or hot tub raves.

“…I think what is reasonable for anyone to do is if they think there is a serious threat to public health as a result of their neighbour’s activities — if there is some huge kind of Animal House party taking place, as I am sure, hot tubs and so forth, and there is a serious threat to public health then it’s reasonable for the authorities to know,” Prime Minister Johnson had said.

Nottinghamshire Police, however, fined students and others this weekend for having parties. Most of the events had around 20 people at them.

While most of those fined received penalties of £200, the force was the first in the country to issue a £10,000 fine to a University of Nottingham student for hosting a party of 50 people last month. If the 19-year-old does not appeal the decision or pay the fine, he will be forced to appear before a court.

Meanwhile, Norfolk Police fined three University of East Anglia in Norwich £10,000 each on Monday for holding a house party of 100 people.


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