Report: Armed Turkish Soldiers Prowling Greek Border in Civilian Dress

OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images

CNN Greece has published video which they say shows armed Turkish soldiers in civilian clothing probing the Greek border.

According to CNN Greece, the Greek border authorities spotted five men armed with automatic weapons in the Gemisti area of the Graeco-Turkish frontier, prowling the banks of the Evros river which demarcates much of the land border between the two countries along with four others.

CNN Greece reports that they fled the scene after realising Greek border guards had discovered them, with any attempts at crossing the border of facilitating illegal immigration undetected having been foiled.

It is not the first time President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime has been accused of engaging in illicit activities on the Greek border, which they deliberately subjected to extra migration pressure in an attempt to leverage the European Union prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Greek government has previously accused the Turks of bussing migrants including freed prisoners to the frontier en masse, shared video of what they said was an EU-funded Turkish armoured vehicle attempting to rip down sections of border barrier in order to assist would-be illegal border crossers, and alleged that Turkish personnel have bombarded their border guards with tear gas to provide cover for migrants rushing their defences.

There has been third-party confirmation of illicit action by Turkey at the frontier, too, with the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) finding that the Turks had planted agents provocateurs among migrants massed on the Greek border in order to incite riots.

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