Farage Predicts UK-Style Postal Voting Fraud Will Be Found, Trump Will Be Back in 2024 If He Loses

Nigel Farage has predicted evidence of UK-style postal voting fraud will be found in the U.S., but that Donald Trump will fight again in 2024 even if Biden takes the White House.

Mr Farage had been “following the Trump train” for much of the climax of the 2020 campaign, being invited to speak by the President at a rally in Pheonix, Arizona, but is now set to return to “Lockdown UK” with the election still in chaos.

“Now, to accuse people of electoral fraud is one thing, but you have to prove it,” said the leader of the Brexit Party, currently in the process of relaunching as the Reform Party.

“What we know from 20 years of bitter experience, ever since the great Tony Blair introduced wide-scale postal voting in Britain, is that it’s open to fraud, it’s open to intimidation, there are massive problems with verification,” the British political heavyweight recalled.

“Just last year the Brexit Party fought a by-election in Peterborough. We lost by 600 votes. We saw things like, on polling day, somebody with a carrier bag bringing a thousand ballots into a polling station,” he alleged.

“We knocked on doors where people told us that they had actually effectively had their ballots their blank ballot papers taken from them,” he went on.

“And yet, when we went back to try and get them to swear affidavits the doors weren’t opening,” he lamented.

“But we have seen, haven’t we, in Tower Hamlets, in Birmingham, in the North, many other parts of the country, we’ve seen people go to prison over the course of the last 20 years,” he recalled.

“The French, very sensibly, don’t allow postal voting, because they’re aware of this risk,” he added.

“As we speak there are people in Philadephia, in Michigan, out there trying to find evidence… where, for example, postmarks [are] falsely put on late ballots, were people intimidated in handing over their blank papers — my guess and my hunch is they are going to find a considerable amount of evidence,” he predicted.

“What that means when this gets up to the Supreme Court, I haven’t got a clue. I simply don’t know where this goes I don’t know whether there’s going to be reballots; I don’t know whether there’s going to be a President sorted out in time for the inauguration.

“If there isn’t then Donald Trump will actually stay in place after the 20th of January because of the 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” Farage claimed.

“It’s tough for the Trump team, they’re out there trying their best to prove to fraud… If they can’t well, we’ve got a Biden presidency, but a very weak Biden presidency. That’s the reason the stock market’s going through the roof, because he didn’t get the Senate, he won’t be able to put through massive tax hikes and other very damaging economic, basically socialist measures,” he explained.

“If it is a Biden presidency,” he went on. “I want to tell you this: Donald Trump has 69 million supporters. These aren’t just people who put crosses on pieces on paper… every sense of me if this guy will not do what former presidents do, because they go to Long Island and drink coffee and play gold — Trump ain’t doing that. Trump is going to keep fighting, and he’s still the leader of the Republican Party, he’s still the best choice they’ve got — and the inroads he’s made in this campaign into Latino voters and black voters is I think a trend that’s here to stay,” he said.

“I think he’s here to stay, I think if it does turn out that he’s lost, I don’t doubt for a minute he’s going to fight again in 2024,” Farage declared.

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