Council Leader Tells Brits Not to Make ‘Unnecessary Journeys’ While Holidaying on Paradise Island

Anna_Om / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Anna_Om / iStock / Getty Images Plus

A British council leader has urged people to “stay local” and avoid “unnecessary journeys” while holidaying on a paradise island in the Maldives.

Richmondshire District Council, Craven District Council, and North Yorkshire Police issued a joint press release on Friday headlined ‘People urged to Stay Home and Stay Local – don’t travel to exercise’ in which Richmondshire District Council leader Angie Dale said that “The number of covid cases is rising dramatically every day and we are told we haven’t reached the peak yet, so it is vitally important that people heed the stay local message.”

“Our beautiful [Yorkshire] Dales will still be here to visit when this pandemic is over – please do not make unnecessary journeys now and exercise close to your home,” she added — but locals will be reading it as she herself in sipping cocktails on the beautiful island of Kudahuvadhoo in the Maldives, according to a Telegraph report.

The journey is not believed to be a breach of lockdown rules, as she departed for it before her area was subjected to a hard ban on foreign holiday travel.

Good Morning Britain host, former CNN host, and Celebrity Apprentice contestant turned Trump critic Piers Morgan has received criticism for similar actions in recent weeks.

Morgan, who has been a vociferous advocate for earlier, lengthier, and more draconian lockdowns throughout the coronavirus pandemic, reportedly defied official but non-binding guidance on holidaying abroad to enjoy a trip to a resort on a private island in the Caribbean.

Morgan also backed Black Lives Matter supporters, including his own son, breaking lockdown to attend a closely-packed demonstration in London in 2020 — but opposed largely aborted plans to allow small family gatherings for a few days over the festive period, tweeting: “So everybody gets Covid for Christmas!”

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