UK Vaccination Rate Almost Halves as Young People Hesitate over Jabs

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The vaccination rate in Britain has almost halved, with concerns being expressed about young people possibly hesitating to get jabbed, a development that comes as the number of adults in the general population estimated to have Covid antibodies by the government hits 90 per cent.

85,811 first doses of vaccine were injected Tuesday, according to The Times, with the seven-day average standing at 113,532 — a fall of 45 per cent from the high point of 205,668 jabs on the 23rd of June.

This comes amid an uptick of cases and hospital admissions, particularly among men and allegedly driven by the young, with people gathering indoors to watch the English national football team’s run in the pandemic-delayed UEFA European Football Championship 2020 speculated to be a contributing factor.

“We need everyone to get behind our push, July 19 isn’t an end date for us, in fact we’re just at the first stage because of the numbers,” said David Regan, director of public health for Manchester, in comments reported by the Manchester Evening News.

“This is the hardest part of this programme, this final push nationally and locally.”

The concerns about vaccine uptake comes as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is reporting that around 90 per cent of British adults now have coronavirus antibodies.

The ONS, working in collaboration with the University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Public Health England (PHE), and the Wellcome Trust estimates, “based on blood test results taken from a randomly selected subsample of individuals aged 16 years and over”, that roughly 9 in 10 adults now have antibodies against the coronavirus in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland — 89.8 per cent, 91.8 per cent, and 87.2 per cent, respectively — with an only slightly lower 8 in 10 adults having antibodies in Scotland — 84.7 per cent, to be more precise.

These estimates, calculated as good from the week beginning June 14th, 2021, would include antibodies both from people who have been vaccinated and people who have a degree of natural immunity from having been infected with the Chinese virus — and do not include those in hospitals, care homes, and other “institutional settings”.

The statistical agency cautioned that “the detection of antibodies alone is not a precise measure of the immunity protection given by vaccination”, however.

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