Xi Jinping Personally Oversees Firing of 40 Officials over Vaccine Scandal

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping personally presided over a hearing, along with the highest-ranking members of the Communist Party, on the dissemination of hundreds of thousands of faulty vaccines made in China by the company Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Limited on Thursday.

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North Koreans Refuse Chinese Medicine After Vaccine Scandal

North Koreans are reportedly refusing to use Chinese medicine because they fear the products might be unsafe in light of a major scandal in China involving the manufacturing of faulty vaccines, a report revealed on Wednesday.

China's persistent food and drug safety problem

Vaccine Scandal Prompts Unusually Loud Anti-Government Protests in China

Angry parents and teachers demonstrated outside government buildings in Beijing over the past two days, lodging an unusually vigorous public complaint against the communist government for its handling of defective vaccines from one of China’s largest biotech firms.

Chinese centers for disease control have been distributing illegal vaccines. File Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI

Xi Orders ‘Thorough Investigation’ as Fake Vaccine Scandal Embarrasses China

A huge scandal involving hundreds of thousands of defective vaccines given to Chinese children rocked the world of Chinese medicine in July, leading to multiple arrests. Chinese President Xi Jinping called the vaccine scandal “vile and shocking” and ordered a “thorough investigation” by both the Chinese Food and Drug Administration and anti-corruption agencies.

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Measles Outbreak Reported in Missouri

Measles is a highly contagious virus, inflicting high fevers, cough, runny nose, and eye inflammation. Still, its most characteristic symptom is the rash that spreads from the hairline down across the entirety of the body.

This Electron Micrograph Reveals Both A Paramyxovirus Measles Virus, And Virions Of The Polyomavirus, Simian Virus Sv40 Smaller Circles. The Envelope Of The Measles Virus Has Broken, Exposing The Nucleocapsid Filaments. Interest In Sv40 Has Increased In The Last Several Years Because The Virus Was Found In Certain Forms Of …

Texas Sees Bump in Mumps

Public health officials say that Texas has hit its highest number of mumps cases in more than 20 years with multiple outbreaks across the state including cases possibly linked to South Padre Island and spring break travel.

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Sierra Leone: Mothers Refuse to Vaccinate Children for Fear of Resurgent Ebola

Doctors in Port Loko, a northwestern region of Sierra Leone outside Freetown, are reporting a significant drop in the number of mothers bringing their children to hospitals for routine vaccinations. The mothers, they say, fear exposing their children to a resurgent Ebola virus, and in keeping them from hospitals are risking triggering the spread of polio or measles.

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Maher: Quit Calling Vaccine Questioners ‘Kooks and Liars’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued that people who say vaccines can cause harm shouldn’t be called “kooks and liars” on Friday. In a discussion with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Maher wondered, “why can’t we have a kind of a


Trump: Vaccine Dosage Linked to Autism

Real estate mogul and “Apprentice” host Donald Trump talked vaccines, tax returns, Common Core, illegal immigration, and Israel in a wide-ranging interview set to air on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” Trump said that while he is a “total believer” in


Maher Bashes Walker on Evolution, But Concerned About Long-Term Vax Effects

Bill Maher criticized Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s (R) statement on evolution and expressed concern about the long-term effects of vaccinations on Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO. Regarding Walker’s statement that science and faith “go hand-in-hand,” Maher stated, “No, they absolutely


Maher Makes Fun of Christie and Rand, Defends Vaccine Skepticism

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher opened his show by making fun of Chris Christie and Rand Paul for their positions on vaccine mandates, then defended vaccine skepticism on Friday. Maher stated in his open that “Rand Paul, you saw this,