Swedish Farmers Hire Security After Animal Rights Activist Threats

After six months, cows are released from the stables on April 25, 2020, at the Olasgard fa
ADAM IHSE/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images

Swedish farmers working with animals say they have been forced to hire security companies to watch over their farms after threats from animal rights extremists.

The claims were made after a recent study found that as many as one in three farmers in Sweden have been subjected to theft, while one in four say they have reported trespassing on their farms.

A study by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology has revealed that farmers have seen threats from animal rights activists, theft of machinery and fuel, and physical violence and sabotage, Sveriges Radio reports.

“Thefts and burglaries have increased in recent years,” said Mattias Espert, a pig producer outside Trelleborg, explaining that it is often discussed in the farming industry.

Peter Lundqvist, professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and one of the report’s authors, said the wave of threats had negatively affected many in the farming industry.

“It spreads such huge negativity and anxiety that you get affected by it. I have interviewed people who had bad experiences 10 to 15 years ago and who are reduced to tears when they tell me about the events,” he said.

One of Sweden’s most extreme animal rights groups is Djurfont, and its members are said to be far-left extremist and violent.

Last month, it was revealed that female members of the group were selling sexual services and gave “free trials” to prospective clients who donated to pay court costs for one of its male leaders.

According to Swedish media, the male had been convicted of assault and had been fined but claimed not to be able to pay the fine as he was on disability benefits.

The United Kingdom has also seen threats and attacks from animal rights and vegan groups in recent years as well, with a Kent-area butcher shop threatened with firebombing in 2018.

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