Delingpole: BoJo’s ‘No Vaccine, No Clubbing’ Rule Is Pure Evil

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Britain’s creepily-titled Vaccines Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has announced that from September only double-jabbed adults will be allowed into nightclubs.

This, it almost goes without saying, is an announcement of the purest evil. And no irony was spared when this was spoonfed to us by Zahawi and the Prime Minister on so-called “freedom day”.

Typically of the Boris Johnson administration’s desperate vaccine roll-out programme, it is a mix of bribery and coercion.

It says:

See, youngsters, what a vista of opportunities will open to you once you get double-jabbed. Why, you’ll be able to get off your tits on drugs, dance all night, and pair off at dawn for meaningless sex with strangers — just you did in the good old days!

What it also says is:

And don’t expect to enjoy any kind of normal social life if you don’t get the jab. We’re not going to let you into pubs, clubs, festivals, matches, you name it. All up to you. No pressure. If you want to spend the rest of your life living like a hermit in a cave with no friends, that’s your problem not ours…

Right now, across the United Kingdom, distraught parents worried about the potential side effects of new vaccines are now confronted with equally distraught children understandably terrified that if they don’t get themselves jabbed (for a disease that poses almost zero risk to their health, as the UK’s scientific establishment readily admits) their social life will be over.

Never in my life have I hated any government quite so much as I loathe this despicable, bullying, mendacious, devious, dishonest, corrupt, fascistic regime.

As a measure of the kind of snakes we are dealing with, here is a Twitter exchange from last year between the aforementioned Zahawi and (Baroness) Claire Fox.

Fox quotes a Tweet from Zahawi which says:

We have no plans to introduce vaccine passports.

She says to him:

Good to hear. Again. Can we hold you to this?

Zahawi replies:

Yes you can, Claire

Lying comes so easily to these bastards, doesn’t it?

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