Sweden: Postal Service Stops Deliveries to ‘Vulnerable’ No-Go Zone over Safety Fears

Stockholm, Sweden Parcel delivery in an app-controlled delivery box in a shopping center.
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The postal company Postnord has stopped delivering parcels to the “particularly vulnerable” area of Gottsunda-Valsätra in the city of Uppsala, Sweden, claiming there are safety risks to their employees.

Alexis Larsson, Head of Security at Postnord, said that the company, which operates in both Sweden and Denmark, made the decision to stop delivering parcels to the Gottsunda-Valsätra area at least a year ago.

“It’s because of the following of our cars and break-ins of our vehicles. The decision was made a year ago. The culmination was a threat to one of our drivers,” Larsson told SVT.

According to the broadcaster, the delivery of regular mail and heavier deliveries have continued in the area but Postnord has claimed smaller packages, which can often be consumer electronics, have been targeted and will no longer be delivered.

“Home deliveries can be picked up at the post office or at our delivery point on Pustgatan in Fyrislund,” Larsson told the broadcaster.

Zorica Petkovic, a resident of the area, and told SVT she felt discriminated against after the company blacklisted her area for package deliveries.

“There have been problems here, but a lot is being done to make it better. And it’s gotten better. I understand the working situation of the drivers, but there must be other solutions, with the help of other social bodies,” she said.

Gottsunda-Valsätra has been listed as a “particularly vulnerable” area since February of 2017.

“Particularly vulnerable” areas are characterised as having aspects such as religious extremism, parallel social structures, difficulty for police to carry out their duties, and proximity to similar areas, while merely “vulnerable” areas have high crime and high rates of poverty. Both terms have been regarded by critics as code for “no-go zones”.


Postnord is not the first company to stop deliveries to certain locations in Sweden. In 2019, the international courier company UPS stated that it would not be making deliveries to addresses in the heavily migrant-populated no-go Malmö suburb of Rosengård, citing security fears.

In France, the courier company Chronopost issued similar guidelines in 2017, refusing to deliver packages to addresses in the no-go Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis, claiming that 51 of its employees had been attacked in the area the prior year.

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