Courier Stops Delivery to Swedish No-Go Suburb Due to Danger

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International courier company UPS has stopped delivering to the heavily migrant-populated no-go Malmö suburb of Rosengård, claiming the area has become too dangerous.

The company, which is one of the largest couriers in the world, has not made any home deliveries in the troubled suburb in the last two months with residents complaining that the actions are tantamount to discrimination, Expressen reports.

Marco Padoan, a local resident and freelance photographer, said he became suspicious after the courier claimed to have tried to deliver the package to his home and then told him that it could be picked up at a local UPS location.

“They can’t have been here at all, not with the short time span,” Padoan said. He then rang the company he had ordered from initially and they explained to him that UPS stopped home deliveries in the suburb due to the danger of their workers being robbed or subjected to other crimes.

Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan spoke to an employee of the company who backed up the claim saying, “Our drivers have been attacked and therefore we have decided not to hand out packages at Rosengård.”

According to the employee, a number of areas in Stockholm have also seen a halt in home deliveries, though the employee did not go into detail.

UPS is not the first courier to stop home deliveries in vulnerable no-go areas in Europe. In 2017, the French company Chronopost halted delivery to the Seine-Saint-Denis area, the notorious migrant-heavy suburbs of Paris, also citing danger to their delivery staff.

In 2016, Chronopost claimed that 51 of its delivery workers had been attacked on duty. While the company had previously stopped delivery to certain neighbourhoods in the past, it marked the first time the company had refused delivery to an entire district.

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