Italy Makes Vax Mandatory for Over-50s, Ban Unvaxxed from Various Workplaces

Italy's Prime Minister, Mario Draghi speaks during a joint press conference with Germany's

Italy has made vaccination against the Chinese Coronavirus mandatory for over-50s in the country, as well as banning the unvaccinated from various workplaces, according to government sources.

Compulsory vaccination is imminent for those over the age of 50 in Italy, according to reports from government sources, with the country set also to ban the unjabbed and unrecovered from various workplaces.

The news comes after a meeting of the government’s “Control Room” virus task force on the topic.

According to a report by leading Italian wire service ANSA, anyone over the age of 50 in Italy will be obliged to be jabbed against the Chinese Coronavirus, the measure becoming effective immediately.

The measure was reportedly objected to by Italian Party La Lega, which is currently part of the country’s ruling coalition.

“La Lega is opposed to the indiscriminate vaccination obligation and proposes to use scientific and not ideological criteria: the absolute majority of ICU admissions concern people over the age of 65,” said one source within the party, according to Il Giornale.

The source also reportedly said that the party was calling for “protection of the elderly and the frail, compensation for those damaged by vaccinations” as well as “immediately a relief decree for those who lose their jobs, no children without school”.

Also reported to soon be entering into effect is a ban on unvaccinated individuals in a wide variety of workplaces, both public and private.

This will be done through the implementation of the so-called “Super Green Pass“, which can only be obtained through being vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19.

Proof of a negative test for the virus is never sufficient for access to a location or service requiring the Super Green Pass, according to government rules.

Workers in shops, shopping centres, public offices, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, commercial services and public services will all be required to have a Super Green Pass, according to Il Giornale.

Meanwhile, the need for the pass will also be expanded on the user end for banks, PA services, as well as hairdressers and beauticians.

Italy was reported to be considering banning unvaccinated individuals from workplaces earlier in the week, with the nation’s Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, saying the measure would nudge people towards getting jabbed.

“I believe that, given the numbers of infections and increasing hospital pressure, it is reasonable to immediately extend the super green pass in the workplace,” Costa said. “It will be a big boost to speed up the vaccination campaign and impose severe restrictions on those who do not get vaccinated.”

Costa, while admitting the move could lead to “tensions”, said that the views of dissenters should not dictate policy.

“We cannot allow the positions of a minority to jeopardize the results achieved to date,” the undersecretary said.

The forthcoming extension of the Super Green Pass adds further to the measures present in Italy segregating the vaccinated from the unjabbed within society.

Unvaccinated individuals had already been banned from indoor dining, theatres, and sports events under government regulations, while requiring proof of a negative test in order to go to work or avail of public transport.

Meanwhile, desperate Italians have employed various measures to get around the rules, with one going so far as to attend a jab appointment with a fake arm in order to avoid receiving the vaccine.


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