Italy Bans Unvaccinated From Public Life With ‘Super Green Pass’

Visitors present their so-called "Green Pass" to be checked at the entrance to the Altare della Patria monument in Piazza Venezia on December 05, 2021 in Rome, as the city brought the obligation through December 04-31 to wear masks outdoors in the city centre and other busy shopping areas, in …

Italy is rolling out its ‘Super Green Pass’ today, barring the unvaccinated from a variety of events and amenities, even if they have a negative COVID test.

Unvaccinated individuals are now barred from eating indoors at restaurants, attending sports events, concerts, theatres, and other public events, regardless of whether or not they have tested negative for the Chinese Coronavirus, reports Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

The new measures are part of the implementation of the new ‘Super Green Pass‘, which will further delineate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Italy. Those who have recently recovered from the virus will also be able to get the new pass, the paper says.

Mandatory vaccination is also being expanded, according to a report from Sky News, with school staff, police, and those working in the military now forced to take the jab or risk their job from next week. Healthcare workers in the country are already subject to the requirement.

Restrictions are also being rolled out to public transport, with passengers needing to show a ‘basic’ green pass, proving that they are vaccinated against COVID, have recovered from the disease, or have a negative test within 72 hours to ride.

Police are set to carry out spot-checks on public transport to ensure that the new rules are being followed, with those found to be contravening the new restrictions facing fines of up to €1,000. Italian media reports the new super green pass inspections have already started today, with a man witnessed getting off a bus in Rome and being found to not have a green pass by officers. He was, it is claimed, given a 400-euro fine.

The new measures coincide with a sudden crackdown on unvaccinated people in a number of European countries.

Austria has announced that it will be implementing mandatory vaccination from February next year, with those who chose to remain unvaccinated facing perpetual lockdown, fines, and even imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Germany, which is also considering implementing forced vaccination, has put unvaccinated individuals under lockdown restrictions.

Greece has also announced rolling fines starting in January for those over 60 who are unvaccinated.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has also encouraged forced vaccination, calling on EU-wide discussions of the measure in a move described as the “Chinafication of Europe”.

As restrictions mount on the unvaccinated, some have turned to the use of fake European vaccine passports to escape “Corona Apartheid”. One Italian Police director has said that the black market for the European certs “has literally exploded” as people try and get around the crackdown.

“Those who want to buy Covid passports are people who do not have the slightest intention to get vaccinated but still want access to gyms and restaurants and other public places, as well as workplaces, without Covid testing,” the director said.


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