‘Reminiscent of China’ – Euro MP Slams Trudeau for ‘Tyrannical Actions’ Against Truckers

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and China's Premier Li Keqiang (2nd L) wa
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Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has been denounced by a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) over the “tyrannical actions” he has taken against peaceful protestors taking part in the ongoing ‘Freedom Convoy’ demonstrations.

Cristian Terhes, a Romanian MEP, has denounced the “tyrannical actions” of Prime Minister Trudeau in regards to his actions against the ongoing Freedom Convoy protest.

The European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group member went on to say that what Trudeau was doing was “reminiscent” of Communist China, and that the Canadian leader should be “isolated” by the international community over his actions.

“Justin Trudeau and his federal government must be isolated by the democratic international community to show revulsion at his tyrannical actions in Canada against peaceful protesters, who have been trampled under horse hoof as children have been batoned by federal security agents,” Terhes alleged in a statement sent to Breitbart London.

“Such scenes are reminiscent of China, whose government he wants to imitate, not to Western democracies,” Terhes continued.

The ECR group member’s comments come shortly after at least 100 demonstrators were arrested in Ottawa on Friday, with the Canadian government using emergency powers to crack down on the Freedom Convoy demos across the country.

Some of those taking part in the demonstration were trampled by mounted police, prompting significant outcry online.

Terhes also denounced Trudeau during a press conference earlier in the week, comparing the Canadian to Romania’s communist-era dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu.

“What made us strong over the history — and I’m talking about the Western world — were the values,” the MEP said during the event, before slamming the Canadian PM for acting “exactly like a tyrant — like a dictator — like Ceaușescu in Romania.”

Ceaușescu was known for his excessive spending during a time of extreme austerity in the then-communist country, putting public funds into “megalomaniacal” constructions such as the People’s Palace, which remains one of the biggest buildings in the world.

Ceaușescu was ultimately executed by firing squad alongside his wife on Christmas Day 1989 after a revolution removed him from power.

The new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada opposition, Candice Bergen, called out the far-left New Democratic Party (NDP) and its leader, Jagmeet Singh, over its support for Trudeau’s crackdown on protesters.

“Obviously, nobody in this House believes that a government should be overthrown – although I have seen that member’s colleagues at a number of pro-communist marches,” the opposition leader retorted in the Canadian legislature when asked by Singh if she supported a convoy whose aims, he claimed, were to “overthrow a democratically elected government”.

“What I know is, when history looks back on this, Conservatives will have stood up with Canadians, millions of Canadians – vaccinated Canadians, Canadians who are blue-collar workers, Canadians who are white-collar workers – Canadians who have had enough of a Prime Minister who has divided, wedged, stigmatized, and traumatized them,” Bergen claimed.

“And the party that will have stood with that Prime Minister is that member [Singh] and his NDP colleagues, and it’s shameful,” Bergen concluded.

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