‘Death Sentence for Statues’ — Leftist Elected to Westminster Council After Giving Middle Finger to War Memorial

Iman Less
Labour Party/Social Media

Iman Less, a far-left Labour Party politician who previously drew criticism for posting a picture of herself giving the middle finger to a national war memorial, has been elected as a councillor in City of Westminster in London.

The Labour Party’s local electoral victory in the Westminster City Council, which has been controlled by the Tories since its creation in 1964 until now, has seen leftist Iman Less elected to represent the Maida Vale ward, one of London’s most desirable postcodes.

Ms Less came under fire last month after it was revealed by The Sun newspaper that she had posted a picture of herself flipping off The Guards Crimean War Memorial in Westminster, London, which commemorates the British soldiers who fell during the war against Russia between 1853 and 1856.

In the since-deleted post, Iman Less wrote: “How do you sleep at night? When you don’t even fight for your right?”

The paper also reported that the Labour Party politician had also posted a video celebrating a Black Lives Matter protester climbing onto the Cenotaph, the national memorial in London dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the first and second world wars.

During the height of widespread BLM unrest in the UK following the death of George Floyd in America in 2020, a Black Lives Matter activist was filmed climbing onto the memorial and attempting to set fire to the flags adorning the Cenotaph. Despite pleading guilty, the activist, Astrophel Sang, was not jailed for the offence, being let off with a conditional discharge.

Iman Less would later go on to lock her social media profiles and apologise for the obscene picture and the celebration of war memorial vandalism, telling The Sun in April: “I unreservedly apologise for the posts. I have the highest respect and regard for our armed forces.”

Picking up the mantle from statue smashing BLM, the Labour Party has waged campaigns across the UK to remove historical statues. In London, leftist Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a “diversity commission” to review all statues, monuments, and street names in the capital for breaches of woke standards.

The Labour Party’s Adam Hug, who will become the next leader of the Westminster Council, has vowed a “root and branch revolution of everything the council does”.

Commenting to Breitbart London on the election of Iman Less to the council, Robert Poll of the Save Our Statues campaign group said: “Not long ago, making obscene gestures at war memorials would have made you unelectable. Today, it qualifies you to be a Labour councillor.

“With so many memorials in Westminster – not least the Cenotaph that she welcomed the vandalism of – handing control of its council to Labour is a death sentence for our statues.

“The government must make stronger national rules to stop these low-level politicians damaging our national heritage.”

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