‘Stuff of Nightmares’ — UK Man Gets Life Sentence for Raping Mother and 14-Year-Old Daughter Days After Being Released from Prison

Joshua Carney, South Wales Police
South Wales Police

A Welsh man received a life sentence on Monday after he admitted to raping a mother before forcing her to watch him rape her 14-year-old daughter.

Joshua Carney, 28, pleaded guilty to 13 offences, including six offences of rape in a Cardiff Crown Court, BBC News reported.  While he received a “life sentence”, Carney will be eligible for release after ten years, as is typically the case under the UK’s lax judicial system.

Five days before the horrific crime occurred, Carney had been released from prison after serving eight years for a spree of burglaries in Cardiff, Wales, according to the Guardian.

At approximately 6:45 am on the morning of March 1st, Carney forced his way into the mother’s house after asking the woman if he could call him a taxi, Sky News reported.

He then locked himself inside the house and proceeded to assault the mother by punching her multiple times in the face before raping her in the living room.

Hearing her mother’s screams, the 14-year-old daughter called authorities believing her mother had been stabbed.

Moments later, Carney attempted to break into the girl’s room. Her mother told her daughter to open the door, fearing the attacker may kill them if she did not do so.

Noticing the daughter had called the police, he proceeded to rape both the girl in front of her mother, saying “watch me, look what I am doing to her,” before raping the mother again.

Before leaving, Carney sexually assaulted the daughter again, telling her, “this is your punishment for phoning the police.”

As police arrived at the house, the career criminal was arrested and taken into custody.

Carney admitted he took the drug spice before the assault and claimed he could not recall his actions, though he pled guilty to all charges.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke expressed her disgust toward Carney regarding his crimes before handing down his life sentence.

She told him the assault was “deliberately sadistic and no doubt done to satisfy your perverted sexual desires and your abusive sexual remarks are indicative of your attitude – one of the rapes was punishment for phoning the police.”

Lloyd-Clarke acknowledged that while he was under the influence of drugs, he was still in control of his actions, indicating they were thorough and deliberate.

“Your offending on that day was horrific, it was the stuff of nightmares,” the judge said.

The mother told the court that she was experiencing “recurring nightmares” and noted she “hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since the attack,” according to BBC News.

In a statement to the court through a barrister, the 14-year-old girl said she had “lost all trust in people” following the traumatic attack.

“I have lost all trust in males in particular,” she added. “I would always give my dad a hug and a kiss – I don’t feel I can do that anymore, I feel disgusted.”

Kelly Huggins of the Crown Prosecution Service commended the women for how they conducted themselves during the investigation.

“Despite the violent and truly degrading acts Carney committed, the victims showed tremendous courage and clear thinking allowing really strong evidence to be gathered, which enabled the CPS to present a robust case leading to guilty pleas,” Huggins said.

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