WATCH: Trump Shares Memories of ‘Incredible’ Queen Elizabeth II with Nigel Farage

Donald Trump spoke to his old friend and supporter, Nigel Farage, on his current affairs show after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, recalling her as an “extraordinary woman”.

The former U.S. President, himself half-British through his mother Mary MacLeod, called in to GB News and told Farage it was “a sad day, it sad all over the world,” hailing the Queen as “an extraordinary woman, a great woman… she did it so long, so well, and never made mistakes”.

“I know that your mother, who of course came from the Western Isles in Scotland… she was a great fan of the Queen, wasn’t she?” Farage asked.

“She was. My mother came from Stornoway, and she loved anything to do with the Queen. She would watch if they had a ceremony, even the smallest of ceremonies, when the Queen was on my mother would be there watching. She was a tremendous fan,” Trump agreed.

“We spent a lot more time [together] than people thought,” Trump said of the time he was able to share with the Queen, who he recalled as “so sharp”.

In particular, he recalled how he had teasingly asked the late monarch to name her favourite president and favourite prime minister — the Queen met almost every post-war president and appointed fully fifteen prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss — and how she had studiously insisted she liked them all.

“She knew how to do it, she was professional; you wouldn’t walk out and say ‘she liked this one, she liked that one’ — she liked them all,” he laughed, with Farage concurring on her “very, very special art of diplomacy”.

“This is a very, very sad day… earth-shaking, actually, and beyond your country — and it’s for good reason; she was a great woman, a great Queen, and somebody that will be very, very sadly missed,” he concluded respectfully.

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