Farage: Conservative Party ‘Is Now Dead’, Globalist Hunt and Labour ‘Virtually Identical’

Brexit champion Nigel Farage has said that, following the “globalist coup” against the very moderately free market conservative Liz Truss, the Conservative (Tory) Party serves no purpose.

“Twelve years of Tory misrule,” Farage lamented in a direct to camera-piece starkly titled ‘Why the Conservative Party needs to be replaced’.

Farage, while he had expressed misgivings about Truss’s anti-Brexit past, said she should be given a chance after she won the highly-controlled internal party election to replace Boris Johnson as Tory leader and, by extension, Prime Minister. He initially praised her early focus on helping ordinary people and businesses with energy bills and reducing the tax burden, which is at its heaviest in 70 years.

Now, however, Kwasi Kwarteng, who was pro-Brexit, has been replaced by the anti-Brexit Jeremy Hunt, to appease anti-tax cut forces.

Indeed, Hunt, who backed Rishi Sunak rather than Liz Truss for party leader, is now not only Chancellor but de facto Prime Minister, having scrapped almost every policy from Truss’s leadership platform — and he wields this power despite the fact he was decisively rejected by ordinary Conservative Party members for leader in 2019, and did not even reach the stage of the 2022 leadership contest where ordinary members would have been able to vote for or against him.

As Farage put it: “Liz Truss won’t last very long… [S]he’s not running the country, Mr Hunt and the globalists are.”

Farage went over not only the botched and now aborted attempt by Liz Truss and her first Chancellor of the Exchequer to cut taxes — Hunt has warned they are in fact probably going to rise — but failures on such issues as immigration, law and order, and defence across the board since 2010, when David Cameron ousted Gordon Brown as Prime Minister after 13 years of Labour government.

“[N]ow we have Jeremy Hunt. Oh, isn’t that just great,” Farage said, perhaps not entirely sincerely.

“Pro the Chinese Communist Party, pro the European Union, pro-lockdown, pro-mandatory vaccination — I mean, frankly, he may just as well be a Labour politician. This is a globalist coup,” he insisted.

“Now, if Labour were in power, their economic policies would be virtually identical. Some of the social stuff might be a little bit crazier, little bit madder, but it would make no difference — I fail to see, right now, what the point of the Conservative Party is; I don’t even know what function it serves,” he added.

“There is no point to this Conservative Party. It might have existed for 200 years — it now serves no purpose. It needs desperately to be replaced… Be sure of one thing, the Conservative Party as we’ve  always known it is now dead.”

Farage said he would be turning his mind to the task of how to go about replacing the Tories, likely after they are inevitably wiped off the map in the coming general election. Whether or not he will personally lead a new conservative force, as he did with the Brexit Party, now Reform UK, remains to be seen. But Martin Daubney, a former Brexit Party MEP, has hinted it may be “time to get the band back together…”

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