UK: Local Govt Drops Term ‘Minority Ethnic’ for ‘Global Majority’

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Local government officials in a London borough will now refer to people currently classed as “minority ethnic” as “global majority” in a possibly misguided attempt to be more politically correct.

Westminster City Council, which governs the heart of Britain’s hyper-diverse capital, will be dropping the term ‘BAME’ — the rather tortured British alternative to ‘People of Color’ in America, being short for ‘Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic’ — in favour of “global majority”, following criticism of the current terminology following the Black Lives Matter disorder of 2020.

The term was popularized by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, a woke activist-consultant and “professional associate” at the so-called Centre for Educational Leadership and Decoloniality at Leeds Beckett University, to encourage ethnic minorities in Britain “to think of themselves as belonging to the majority on Planet Earth,” according to The Times.

“It refers to people who are black, African, Asian, brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or [who] have been racialised as ‘ethnic minorities’,” she explained, observing that, worldwide, “these groups represent approximately 80 per cent of the world’s population, making them the global majority.”

Westminster City Council is not the first public body to push the term “global majority”, however, with activists and institutions having begun to push it some time ago.

The University of East London, for example, was publicly using it on social media months ago, while the University of Northampton has boasted a Global Ethnic Majority Staff Network since at least 2020.

The increasingly woke — and decreasingly attended — established Church of England, meanwhile, has already adopted the related term “Global Majority Heritage”.

Private media enterprises have also begun using it, including Vogue, for example.

While Westminster City Council, run by the leftist Labour Party, appears to be adopting her terminology to boost her woke credentials, it ironically leans into the talking points of ethno-nationalists, who often complain that people of European descent are significantly fewer in number or projected to become significantly fewer in number than, for example, people of Asian and African descent, making them the true “minority”.

Another, perhaps more grounded consideration for local government officials in London when weighing whether or not to continue classing non-white residents as “minority ethnic” might be that they are, numerically, no longer in a minority locally, still less globally

People categorised as “White British” in the 2021 census were only 43.4 per cent of the British capital’s population, and had already dipped below 50 per cent at the time of the previous census in 2011.

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