Drug Traffickers in Paris No-Go Zones Paying Illegals to Attack Police

French police officers control a man at the Forceval garden square during the dismantling
BERTRAND GUAY/AFP via Getty Images

Drug traffickers in the no-go zone suburbs of Paris are allegedly offering illegals 200 euros per day to violently attack local police who try and interfere with their drug-selling operations.

Drug dealers operating in Seine-Saint-Denis are accused of hiring illegal immigrants — not to sell drugs themselves, but to attack local police who come into the dealers’ “territory”, with officers becoming more concerned for their safety in certain areas.

Jean-Christophe Couvy, national secretary of the SGP Police body, explained that the situation has changed for officers confronting dealers, telling broadcaster CNews: “Before, when we arrived somewhere, it was a bit of a ‘flight of sparrows’. Now, things have changed, and we feel that it will end in hand-to-hand combat, that we risk our lives when we enter a point of dealing.”

“Psychologically, it is difficult to hold on, because every day, we go to war,” Couvy added.

On Monday night in Saint-Ouen a police unit was attacked by a migrant claiming to be just 16 years old, who was arrested  — but released within 24 hours.

The teen was later arrested again for attacking another police unit.

Anti-police violence has become a major issue for officers across France, with attacks on law enforcement doubling in the last 20 years according to a 2021 report that claimed as many as 85 incidents are recorded per day.

Just this year there have been multiple instances of attacks on police. including a four-hour-long battle between residents and police in Limoges that saw officers pelted with Molotov cocktails after being lured into a so-called “sensitive area” of the city.

Seine-Saint-Denis is noted as one of the areas that sees the most frequent attacks on officials.

In October, for example, a mob of around a hundred alleged far-left extremists attacked a group of five police in the no-go area, injuring two of officers after they were struck with projectiles.

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