Seething EU Will Block Funding for Regions Fighting LGBT Ideology, MEP Says

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - MAY 17: The Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) and the EU flags are seen in
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A progressive MEP has claimed that the EU will block funding for local regions that try to resist LGBT ideology.

Pierre Karleskind, a European Parliamentarian for Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche party, has claimed that Brussels will block EU funding from being given to local regions that try and fight LGBT ideology.

The MEP, who has very strong views on preventing national governments from making decisions about protecting children from LGBTI material in schools, had contacted senior officials in the European capital over concerns he had regarding certain regions in Poland which had signed declarations describing themselves as “LGBT-ideology-free zones”.

Now, writing on Twitter, Karleskind claims to have received a commitment from his superiors that the EU will block any of these regions from receiving tax funding allocated by the block until they end their resistance to his progressive ideals.

“It’s confirmed!” he celebrated online. “Not ONE euro from the EU will go to fund “LGBT-free zones” communities in Poland (sic).”

“The European Commission, in a letter, confirms to me that it has carried out its threats,” he continued, saying that there would be “no [EU] money without respect for [EU] values”.

How this action will work in practice is yet to be seen: the attached latter makes no direct claims as to whether such “LGBT-ideology-free zones” violated EU rules. Instead, makes vague reference to individual EU member states being required to “respect the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union when they implement EU programmes”, adding that the regions in question “may” have broken such a code with their decision to fight LGBT ideology.

The letter also says that the EU actually closed its investigation into the matter back in January of this year without taking punitive action, though added that the regions in question either modified or abolished their resolutions on the matter in response to pressure from Brussels.

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