Pool Player Lynne Pinches Gets Award After Refusing Championship Match Against Trans Competitor


Lynne Pinches walked away from her women’s pool championship game to show her rejection of the transsexual demand that men can pretend to be women.

Twelve days later, on November 26, the English player got her deserved prize and applause from her fellow pool players:

Pinches said she was “overwhelmed” by the gesture and thanked her peers for their support on social media. “Thanks to each and everyone of you that’s supported me and continues to support Fair Play for Women’s Sport’s [sic],” she wrote on Twitter/X. “Titles and money mean nothing without fairness.”

Pinches had earned her final place at the English Pool Association’s 2023 Champion of Champions Ladies on November 12.

But the mother of three walked away when the association allowed a man to take the other side of the table after he used his “transgender” claim to beat a series of women.

“A video of the moment shows that Pinches and Haynes vied to see who would break,” noted the New York Post.  “Pinches won and shook hands with Haynes but then walked toward the tournament official and apparently declared a forfeit.”

“Pinches proceeded to unscrew her pool cue and pack it up as Haynes raised her hands in disbelief,” it added.  “Realizing what was happening, the crowd loudly cheered and applauded Pinches for walking away.”

Two other women had earlier walked away from the pool table rather than play a man pretending to be a woman. “We will not be silenced anymore!!” Pinches tweeted on November 24. “It takes a huge amount of courage to walk away from any match.”

Her applause came in, via Twitter, from a world of women and men who oppose the claim that men can switch sexes just by announcing they have an unverifiable “gender identity.”

“That is superb,” said women’s rights activist Helen Staniland. “You stood up, and they stood with you.”

“Because you DID win,” responded Joelle Trieste

” I actually love the fact that, from what I can see, it’s mostly men that are in that room, supporting you,” said one Twitter account, “TheChatterbox KPSS”:

“Sometimes it gets frustrating thinking about how many men ignore the erasure of Women’s sports, so this gives me hope that more men are stepping up. Congratulations Lynne.”

“You are the true champion & winner, Lynne,” said SaintCirce.  “You were cheated out of the trophy by a shameless, grifting, mediocre man.”

“This is how the vast majority of the general public feel,” said Sharron Davies, an Olympic swimmer. “Yet still NGBs are too cowardly to do the right thing! And don’t get me started on the utterly useless IOC.”



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