Man Stranded in Lake George Saved by Priests on Floating Tiki Bar

A man whose kayak capsized in 30 feet of water in Lake George, New York, held on to his kayak for dear life until he got rescued by a group of priests on a floating tiki bar.

Jimmy MacDonald, a substance abuse counselor and former substance abuser, was rescued by the Paulist Fathers, a Catholic religious community of seminarians and priests from St. Joseph’s Seminary in Washington, DC, along with the tiki tours staff.

MacDonald was out on a rented kayak on Lake George when his kayak tipped over.

“That’s when I said, ‘Alright, I think I might die today. I think this might be it.’ I prayed to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for help,” MacDonald told WNYT.

MacDonald prayed hard and eventually found the salvation he sought for in the form of a floating tiki bar carrying priests and seminarians from St. Joseph’s Seminary in D.C., NBC Washington reported.

The priests and seminarians were on a break from a religious retreat.

Noah Ismael, a second-year seminarian, told NBC Washington, “His kayak was overturned, and we said, ‘Hey, do you need help?'”

The seminarians had been in the Lake George area because the coronavirus outbreak had hit their seminary. Ismael said a man drowned in those same waters the week before MacDonald showed up, and that weighed heavily on their minds.

“It was a movement of the Holy Spirit, that’s what I’ll say,” Ismael said.

MacDonald said he found his rescue ironic.

“I’ve been sober for seven years, and I get saved by a tiki bar,” he said.


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