VIDEO: Trucker with Difficult Past Buys Pizzas for Families in Need During Pandemic

A truck driver in Hartwell, Georgia, is making sure his neighbors do not go hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.

On his way home last week, Lentravius Geer began thinking about how the ongoing health crisis was affecting families in his area, according to 11 Alive.

“I was riding and a thought hit my mind like, ‘These kids are out of school, and parents don’t have jobs.’ What could I do?” he said.

The following day, Geer, whose truck has been supplying Sam’s Clubs during the pandemic, went to a Little Caesar’s restaurant and paid for 100 pizzas that he handed out in the drive-thru while doing a Facebook live video.

Geer said because of his own background, he knew some of the difficulty those who came to the restaurant were experiencing.

“I’ve been through things a lot of people come back from and if you Google my name and Clemson, South Carolina, you’ll be able to see a lot about that,” he noted.

In 2011, he was charged with attempted murder after he shot at a policeman who had stopped him for speeding. Geer fled the scene but was later caught and arrested.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident.

“I don’t really remember what happened, because I wasn’t there,” said Geer, adding that he had battled mental illness for years prior to the event.

“I was there, but I wasn’t there, if that makes sense,” he noted.

In 2015, he was ruled incompetent to stand trial but served 19 months in jail and underwent treatment that taught him how to deal with his condition.

“When you’re moving fast, you don’t know how to find your way. So God had to sit me down and get my attention. And he started speaking. And I started speaking back,” he recalled.

Now, Geer owns his own trucking company and has raised enough money to buy nearly 500 pizzas for families in need since going live on Facebook in the restaurant’s drive-thru window.

“I had a lot of room in my life for God to work, and he made it happen,” he concluded.


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