No Social Distancing at Massive L.A. House Party: ‘I Didn’t Buy All This Money for My Teeth to Wear a Mask, Bro’

mask (onnola / Flickr / CC)
onnola / Flickr / CC

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) broke up a massive house party in the Woodland Hills neighborhood early Tuesday morning, and a local news crew found little, if any, evidence of masks or “social distancing” to prevent coronavirus.

Local FOX affiliate KTTV interviewed bleary-eyed partygoers as hundreds of people left the suburban home. Many defended their decision not to wear masks as a matter of personal preference or individual liberty.

The LAPD tweeted footage of the interviews:

“Bro, I paid 18 rocks for my teeth, bro. I wear a mask, bro? I didn’t come out — I didn’t buy all this money for my teeth to wear a mask, bro.”

“I was outside. Homegirls were outside. We tried to keep it as safe as possible, but you know — a lot of people came.”

“If you came here and decided you wanted to put yourself at risk, or et cetera, then that’s your business. I mean, apparently, America — it’s supposed to be a free country, so, you know, you have that option to choose or not.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has begun cutting water and electricity to homes that are used for large house parties in defiance of coronavirus restrictions, saying that such “super-spreader” events pose a risk to public health.

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