Revealed: How the U.S. Government Pays to Bus In Thousands of Migrants over the Southern Border Daily

Mostly Haitian migrants prepare to board a bus taking them from a shelter to a US port of entry to start legal paperwork in Reynosa, Tamaulipas state, Mexico, in the border with McAllen, Texas state, US, on May 19, 2022. - A health rule imposed at the start of the …
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U.S. border officials are quietly bussing a vast flood of wage-cutting, rent-spiking migrants into Americans’ towns and cities, despite the court-ordered preservation of the Title 42 barrier.

“It’s like 8,000 to 9,000 a day now,” and there are more on the way, migration monitor Todd Bensman told Breitbart News.

U.S. border chief Alejandro Mayorkas and his pro-migration deputies are using the Title 42 barrier to send some Central American single men and families back to Mexico. But Mayorkas is cutting loopholes in the barrier to place everyone else on government-funded buses to cities and towns around the United States, said Bensman, who works for the Center for Immigration Studies.

They’re [letting in] people from the Middle East, Asia, Africa — the extra-continentals — and also from Cuba and South America. They’re letting in Peruvians — about 500 a week now. They’re letting in Ecuadorians and tons and tons of Venezuelans.

The Mexican government is releasing more migrants from staging areas in southern Mexico: reported:

People seeking asylum are still crossing and at least one shelter for them in Arizona is seeing record numbers. Seventy miles to the north of Nogales, the Casa Alitas Welcome Center in Tucson is taking in 375 people in a day, just a few days after the judge kept the closures in place at official southern ports of entry.

[Shelter director, Teresa] Cavendish and other aid workers in Tucson are preparing for the likelihood of handling upwards of a thousand people a day very soon.

Most of the people arriving here now are from countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia, or even farther afield like the Middle East. Immigration authorities cannot easily return them to their home countries or to Mexico, so they’re being allowed into the country for now as their asylum claims are processed.

The U.S. shelter network is a northern mirror of the cartels’ southern network of camps, bus stations, and housing created to transport migrants up through Mexico to the U.S. border.

The northern-side network has been created by a variety of U.S. nonprofits that are funded by donations from pro-migration business elites, progressive charities, and government contracts. They form a nationwide catch-and-release network that helps the U.S. government and cartels smuggle the indebted migrants into Americans’ jobs without exposure from national TV broadcasters.

The New York Times reported on May 24:

As the Biden administration sees about 8,200 border crossings a day — or nearly the population of College Station, Texas, entering the country every two weeks, far more than at this time last year — it is counting on small nonprofit organizations like La Posada Providencia to manage the influx into border cities and towns, helping to stave off politically explosive images of chaos and disorder ahead of the November midterms.

Biden’s federal government is pushing the elite-backed nonprofits to expand the migrant pipeline:

In 2019, two senior officials from the Del Rio Border Patrol sector reached out to Mr. [Shon] Young and other local church leaders [in Del Rio, Texas] to see if they could create a respite center similar to the ones in other border towns that had experienced high numbers of migrant crossings.

As a result, the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Center was established. In 2021, it assisted 22,317 migrants. This March set a record for the center, with 5,028 migrants coming through.

“I was in Del Rio [Texas] watching them be put on buses being dropped off [at shelters], processed and then put on charter buses for 15 different American states,” Bensman said.

Donor-funded GOP legislators have quietly voted to fund the quasi-legal migrant delivery, even as they loudly denounce illegal migration.

The elite disregard for citizens’ preferences is spiking public opposition to both legal and illegal migration. Sixty-two percent believe Biden’s immigration policy is taking the nation on the wrong track, according to a May 21-24 poll of 1,500 adult citizens.

But the migrants recognize the welcome offered by Mayorkas, said, Bensman:

They’re smart, they’re calculating. They communicate with cellphones, chat rooms, and encrypted apps. They’re organized and they have money. A lot of them have relatives inside the United States that wire them as much [money] as they need and they will repay them with wages [by working illegally]. The majority are coming to work. They want to earn and they want to send money back to their homes … They’re certainly not too proud to take [welfare benefits] … They can make a lot more from working than from welfare.

But, he added, “you can earn more if you work and get welfare.”

The elite-delivered flood of migrant workers aids employers, investors, and wealthy professionals. But it imposes much damage on many millions of working-class Americans, who are forced to accept lower wages, higher rents, crowded schools, and lower political status in their own homeland.

That wage loss has been lauded by business interests, such as Goldman Sachs, and is acknowledged by many business groups and even by Biden’s White House advisors. The flood of cheap labor is expected to reinflate the post-1990 Cheap Labor Bubble that has suppressed wages for tens of millions of ordinary Americans. The Wall Street-boosting bubble was deflated by President Donald Trump’s low-migration/high-wage policies in 2020 and 2021.

Migration advocates also celebrate the displacement of Americans in their own country. “The phenomenon of [population] replacement, writ large, is America, and has been from the beginning, sometimes by force, mostly by choice,” said a May 17 op-ed in the New York Times. “What the far right calls “replacement” is better described as renewal.”

Progressives claim that the migrants will offset the economic damage to ordinary Americans by buying food and services from Americans — despite the evidence of minimal wage growth since 1990. ‘The average effect, at all skill levels, is nothing in the short term,” said Michael Clemens, a migration expert at the Center for Global Development.

Clemens also dismissed the overwhelming evidence that cheap migrants reduce the corporate technology investment that helps ordinary Americans to earn more money in less time:

That argument starts out from the idea that somehow having everything done by machines is better than having it done by people, and I don’t accept that argument. Why would we all be better off if every grocery store checker were replaced with a machine, or if every nurse’s assistant were replaced with a robot that doles out pills?

Progressives also ignore the growing damage to Americans caused by migrants’ need for housing and the migrants’ rational willingness to pay higher rents to live closer to urban jobs.

Mayorkjas’ high-migration/low-wage policy is described in his February strategy, which was leaked to Breitbart Texas on April 4. The February strategy is titled “DHS Southwest Border Mass Irregular Migration Contingency Plan,” and it says on page 16:

A. Secretary’s Intent.

1 ) Purpose: The purpose of this plan is to describe a proactive approach that humanely prevents and responds to surges in irregular migration across the U.S. [southern border]. This will be done while ensuring that migrants can apply for any form of relief or protection [emphasis added] for which they may be eligible, including asylum, withholding of removal, and protection from removal under the regulations implementing United States obligations under the Convention Against Torture.

A summary of the Mayorkas plan was released on March 30 by Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security (DHS):

In its FY22 appropriations bill, Congress provided an additional $1.45 billion for a potential Southwest Border surge, including $1.06 billion for CBP soft-sided facilities, medical care, transportation, and personnel costs; $239.7 million for ICE for processing capacity, transportation, and personnel costs; and $150 million for FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program at the Southwest Border.

Mayorkas is a business-backed, pro-migration zealot. He is using small loopholes in border law to admit a huge number of migrants, according to Bensman. For example, Mayorkas is allowed to parole people into the United States for personal emergencies, such as a medical emergency. “It’s the most incredible thing,” Bensman said, adding:

I’ve never seen this — I don’t think that anything like that’s ever happened and they are using this humanitarian parole which there’s no authority to use it on this scale. It’s been on the books since 1952. But nobody has used it to this extent.

Extraction Migration

Since at least 1990, the D.C. establishment has extracted tens of millions of migrants and visa workers from poor countries to serve as legal or illegal workers, temporary workers, consumers, and renters for various U.S. investors and CEOs.

This economic strategy of Extraction Migration has no stopping point. It is brutal to ordinary Americans because it cuts their career opportunities, shrinks their salaries and wages, raises their housing costs, and has shoved at least ten million American men out of the labor force.

Extraction migration also distorts the economy and curbs Americans’ productivity, partly because it allows employers to use stoop labor instead of machines. Migration also reduces voters’ political clout, undermines employees’ workplace rights, and widens the regional wealth gaps between the Democrats’ big coastal states and the Republicans’ heartland and southern states.

An economy built on extraction migration also alienates young people and radicalizes Americans’ democratic, equality-promoting civic culture because it allows wealthy elites to ignore despairing Americans at the bottom of society.

The policy is hidden behind a wide variety of noble-sounding excuses and explanations. For example, progressives claim that the U.S. is a “Nation of Immigrants,” that Americans have a duty to accept foreign refugees, and that the state must renew itself by replacing populations. But the colonialism-like economic strategy also kills many migrants, exploits poor people, and splits foreign families as it extracts human-resources wealth from the poor home countries.

The economic policy is backed by progressives who wish to transform the U.S. from a society governed by European-origin civic culture into a progressive-directed empire of competitive, resentful identity groups. “We’re trying to become the first multiracial, multi-ethnic superpower in the world,” Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) told the New York Times on March 21. “It will be an extraordinary achievement … we will ultimately triumph,” he boasted.


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