Migrants Blast New York City for Quality of Free Food, Want Longer Stays in Free Housing

New York Migrants
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Immigrants, mostly from Africa, flooded a meeting in New York City on Tuesday with complaints that the free food and free housing they are being given are not good enough for them despite the tens of billions in tax dollars spent to care for them.

Hundreds of migrants, many of whom are Muslims from Africa, told members of the New York City Council at City Hall that the tax-funded freebies they are receiving are not adequate for them and those with families.

The migrants were invited to speak to the city’s immigration committee on Tuesday, and one woman was heard complaining about the free food and blasted city officials for not giving them more permanent places to live for free.

“At the shelter, my kids cannot eat the food at the shelter,” the woman complained through a translator. “On Ramadan, we could not eat during breaks because the food is not good at all,” the woman exclaimed.

She went on to demand long-term housing.

“They give us two months to stay at the shelter, and then you have to go out with your luggage and your kids and find another place. Very difficult,” she insisted.

The same woman also complained that the city had not allowed her 19-year-old son to attend school for free.

The complaint session occurred inside as more than 1,500 migrants — mostly military-aged, single men — paraded outside City Hall Park.

Many of these migrants have been complaining about the millions of dollars in free food they have been given for some time already.

Late in 2023, it was reported that on one day in November, migrants threw away 5,000 prepared meals without eating them, costing the city at least $770,000 in food waste for that day alone. With metrics like this, the Big Apple is seeing more than one million dollars in food waste for migrants every month.

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