IDF Introducing New Artillery Doctrine


IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reports: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Artillery Corps is in the process of introducing a new tactical doctrine that combines short bursts of shell fire with guided surface-to-surface missiles.

Speaking on 2 August, Colonel Rami Habudraham, the commander of the Flame of Fire Artillery Brigade, said his formation has been training to use what he described as the new “intelligence-based combat” doctrine in recent months.

The Flame of Fire Artillery Brigade was formed at the start of this year with personnel from the Field Artillery School at the Shivta training base in central Israel and will be deployed during a high-intensity conflict.

In addition to howitzer units, the brigade has a company equipped to carry out precision strikes using Israel Military Industries (IMI) Romah guided munitions fired from M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and another company that can launch Rafael Tamuz (Spike) missiles.

It has its own field intelligence-gathering unit and has been equipped with radars to locate the source of incoming fire. These organic capabilities are part of a drive to reduce the ‘sensor-to-shooter cycle’ and enable artillery units to swiftly engage fleeting targets, such as rocket launching teams.

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